About Us

Who are we?

Founded by Thomas in November 2016, we're a (rural NSW) Australian owned business. We're proudly bootstrapped and independently run.

After countless coffees we launched in 2017 and continue to run a small dynamic team all working remotely along the East Coast of Australia.

What do we do?

Originally a Software Engineer, Thomas was fed up with hotel accomodation requiring so many different sites to get the best deal.

After a few jobs in the travel industry Thomas figured "How hard could it be?" – turns out it can be really hard.

In 2018 we launched our new exclusive travel club, offering a snake oil free, wholesale pricing model to our members.

We want people to pay less to travel more, and not worry about getting the best "bang for buck" with 15 tabs in a web browser.

The team

Whilst Thomas, Tofu and Katsu are the main HQ staff, tripBookr wouldn't function without help from all our friends.

(If we've missed you send us an aggressive email, sorry!)

Drop us a G'day

Have a question or a comment? We're always happy to have a chat (or receive a pat) from our visitors.

We help you save money on travel.

tripBookr is an exclusive travel club offering wholesale
prices directly to our members.