Better Rate Guarantee

tripbookr extends a Better Rate Guarantee (BRG) policy to all our private tripbookr members. tripbookr’s BRGs will match competitor prices minus $1AUD. This means a client who provides us with a comparison rate of $250AUD will be offered by tripbookr an alternate rate of $249AUD.

BRG require the following terms:

  1. Cannot be used in combination with a voucher
  2. Prices matched must be publically available and included in the request
  3. Competitor rates must be available in $AUD
  4. Competitor rates must be offered as a standalone purchase (eg. not in a package or have vouchers / promotions applied)
  5. BRG room names / board MUST match tripbookr’s listed rooms
  6. BRGs all come with a non-refundable cancellation and amenable terms

To use tripbookr’s BRG please contact us via the contact us page.

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