Voucher Usage and Terms

We understand travel is expensive and we want to share the love, tripbookr often has short term voucher and sales to help make it more affordable to go on adventures.

Where can I get a voucher?

We often post vouchers on our Facebook, Instagram and even on our mailing list, we recommend subscribing to one of them and keeping an eye on our updates.

Here’s a voucher for you right now: IREADVOUCHERUSAGE10 - here’s a free $10 off your next booking just for looking at this page.

What are your voucher terms and conditions?

To help prevent abuse we have a few terms and conditions when using our vouchers:

  1. Vouchers are based on a discount for the entire cart contents, our vouchers do not apply to per night or per room bookings.
  2. All vouchers are limited to one use per customer (regardless if booking on behalf of another person), in the event people try to work around this system we will be forced to cancel bookings.
  3. Vouchers have a limited run time, we’ll usually post “use by X” terms when sending our vouchers out.
  4. There are a limited number of vouchers available, when a voucher has hit it’s usage amount it’s automatically expired.*
  5. Our vouchers only apply to the entire cart contents, they cannot be used for additional charges such as taxes, cancellation or amendable fees.
  6. Vouchers cannot be used with our Better Rate Guarantee policy.
  7. Vouchers will be taken into consideration when providing a cancellation return for your booking, we can’t give you money you haven’t given us, sorry!

*If this happens to you email us, we’ll try to extend it for you!

Can I share your vouchers with my friends?

Absolutely! Although keep in mind all our vouchers do have limits for the number of uses, we recommend you use the voucher before giving it to your friends.

If you have a number of friends and family who’d like to book with us please contact us! tripbookr is always actively working with affiliates and referrals and are happy to compensate users who recommend us to others.

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